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3rd Lecture on 25 April 2016

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Q: Where will those parts of rockets go after
the separation from satellite in outer space?
A. Thank you for your question. Today we watched a video of US Mars Exploration in 2004 and there were a lot of parts came off in their way to the Mars. As long as they are not Reusable Launch Vehicles (RLVs), they are Ependable Launch Vehicles (ELVs) that remain in outer space as "space debris". Those terms are technical but well oftern used in the field of space activities.

C. Today's theme is controversial also outside
the university. So it's not only interesting
but also significant. Thank you so much.

A. Thank you for your comments. Today we had the theme "should government send human to the Mars by spending tax?". I intended to divide into two groups "yes" and "no" to let students have perspectives of government and private company or the public. Next time, I would like to clarify my intention first.

C: Having my "first" debate in Kobe University
is interesting.
A. If you enjoy your debate, I am so glad. Next week we debate on the ideal characteristic/skill of astronauts for Mars Exploration. Let's enjoy exploring our new thoughts.

4th Lecture on 9 May 2016

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C. Today's activity is a bit different from from
these of former classes, so I felt
it was so intrigueing, especially line "in order."
A. Thank you for your comment. Today we had the them "What is ideal leadership to survive during long-term space mission?" by dividing into 3 groups for: from Earth-Mars; getting settled down on Mars (2 years); and coordinating with a group who newly arrived on Mars. To make a list of skills/characteristic in order (with priority) would be a good lessons when you have "real" mission at work also!
C: Maybe we can analyze some cases? A. Yes, let's do that! From today, we will study 3 weeks for the Liability Convention. So I would like to arrange the case study from recent space business models. Thank you!
Q: Why does the LSC set absolut liability inin Article II?
It is different from other state responsibility.
A. Thank you for your question. In the next lecture, we would study "Responsibility vs. Liability" in space law. So, let's clarify the reason together.
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