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5th Lecture on 9 May 2016

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Q: Is space industry a good choice
for startup enterprises?
A. Thank you for your question. As we have studied the Liability Convention of 1972 for a few weeks, it might give you an impression that space business is not promissing. No worry! There are a lot of space business which do not require you to "build, launch and operate" satellites. Telecom, internet provider, navigation, weather forcast... all of them are space-based and you can make a business model by combining their "services" with your idea.
C. I'm nervous because of my poor
English skill as is ususal.
A. Your English is beautiful. No doubt. In the class, please focus on "expressing" your thoguht / idea / opinion and getting attention from the others. When people are listening to you, they are trying to understand you, not checking your grammer ;-) I hope you enjoy the course.
Q. What is the difference between
absolute liability and fault liability?
A. This is a good point. Absolute liability in the Liability Convention of 1972 means that launching states are liable for any damage on the surface of the Earth as well as to an aircraft in air even if they are not fault. I would like to explain more in the class.
C. Can we put some graphs in PPT? A. Yes please! When you make your presentation on specific state's space law and policy, please put many images and graphs as you like!
Q. Which department in Russia
lead the Russian space activities?
A. Thank you for your question. According to the text which we use in the course, the authority of Russian Federation leads the activities, not by any other department [p. 318]. However, as the Roscosmos became a state company in 2015, we need check where is it located! If you find any further information, please let me know!

6th Lecture on 16 May 2016

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C. Today's activity was more specific and unique
than those of ever before.
So surely it was so tough, but at the same time,
there is no doubt that it was interesting.
A. Thank you for your comment! I am glad that you enjoyed exploring your new idea and putting it into a business model that is feasible. I also enjoy listening to students' originality in proposals!
C. Good. Thank you! A. Thank you for your comment ;-) Let's keep enjoying our practical debates. The next theme is "Google Earth: what are advantage and disadvantage for using it from states' perspectives." Have you ever used that? You can see images taken on the Mars ;-)
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