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13th Lecture on 11 July 2016

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C. Today's activity seems to be related
to what I want to do in the future.
So the knowledge and experience I gained
here will be useful.
A. I am very much glad that you get some picture working in the space field near future ;-) I tried to connect academic knowledge to the real work and to put an emphasis on critical issues which are not necessarily written in textbooks. I hope you would enjoy the last lecture on July 25th!
Q. Should we divide the airspace and outer space
by the use of aircraft and spacecraft or
the shape/energy of the aircraft and spacecraft?
A. Thank you for your question. Today, we studied legal aspect of space tourism and the legal status of aircraft used for space mission raised a question. I introduced spatialism and functionalism in terms of delimitating outer space, and your question is related to the US's position "functionalism." On the other hand, from the safety perspective for space tourism, there are states who recognize the need to clarify the line between air space and outer space.

14th Lecture on 25 July 2016

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Group discussion is really good attempt for class.
And those topics for discussion are
very interesting and practical.
However, the contents of the course is quite specialised
and may take a little bit of endeavour to understand.
I am worried that using English for this course
would make it slightly difficult to follow.
After all, it is a good course in my mind.
Thank you for your comments! I am glad that you enjoyed it. As this course was basically for master students, not for undergraduates, sometimes topics must have been too specific and yes, I should have paid more attention to students who are not familiar with those issues that I explained. I would take your comments into consideration for the next round ;-)

I have learned a lot from your lecture.
Thank you for doing so much for us.

Thank you too! It was so fun working with you all!

This class had increased my knowledge about space law.
It was interesting to watch some interesting videos
related to space activities for every class.
It'll be faster if you can just
pick the student randomly each time for
the group discussion rather than
asking our opinion since we don't really
mind which group we are in.

Showing video is a fun part of my lecture! I am glad that you liked it. And, thank you for your comment. As to taking time for making groups, I wanted to name all of you each time to "communicate" with you all during the class ;-)
Thank you for this term course and also appreciate
your each answer for my question.
I enjoyed the time of your course.
It was my pleasure to answer to your very important and interesting questions ;-) Thank you for exploring your thoughts during the lecture.
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