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7th Lecture on 23 May 2016

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C. I was so nervous due to today's presentation,
but I was also satisfied with having beeing going well.
A. Thank you for your presentation on Canada. You covered not military and security aspects of their space activities that was quite interesting!

8th Lecture on 30 May 2016

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Q. Is it illegal to use or transfer the resource
from asteroid?
A. Thank you for your question. It depends on a legal basis (or purpose). If the purpose is for scientific research, it accords with principle of freedom in outer space in Art. I of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty. Further clarification on the terms "use" "exploitation" "appropriation" and "ownership" are needed.
Q. As for CHM, I do understand what it means,
but who is the genuine subject, that is entitled to
enjoy the benefit? As the technological gap
between developed and developing countries is so wide,
so actucally it could not be said as "common" I think.
A. I understand your point. As we studied, legal terms are sometimes so abstract and remain vague and open to further discussion (such as "peaceful" or "freedom.") As outer space as well as the Moon and other celestial bodies are "res communis" where no state is entitled to claim its sovereignty, it was the concept "created" for such areas where are "not ready" for coordinating states' rights and obligation. Thank you for your question.
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