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9th Lecture on 9 June 2016

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C. With the development of China's space station,
the ISS will compete with China's space station.
So it is hard for ISS to refuse commercial
space activities if ISS still wants to continue this program.
A. Thank you for sharing your view with us. In the lecture, I only put an emphasis on the entry of US private entities in the ISS program (Space-X, for example) but I should have mentioned another emerging competiter, China's space station!
C. Maybe we can list some comparison with topic about
launch licencing regime or others.
A. That's a good idea! As each week we study national space law and policy by countries, it is very good study it from different perspective ;-)

10th Lecture on 16 June 2016

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Q. With the development of conflict in Asia,
should we build a confidence-building system
to prevent an arm s race in this area?
A. Thank you for your question. Yes, we shoul ;-) No matter where your country is located, outer space is res communis as well as the province of all mankind where we need to refrain from any use of force in outer space. Therefore, it is important to build mutual confidence and understanding to deny the need to deploy or use space weapons to avoid any creation of space debris by using force in outer space.
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